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Winnner of 2011 Gourmet Product Awards

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We are delighted to announce that Grace & I have won the 2011 Gourmet Product Awards for our Seasonal Preserves and Turshi collections in their Unique Delicious Foods category. This prestigious award is a testament to the exemplary quality and flavor of our products. Read More...

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Meyer Lemon Turshi Batch #76

Handcrafted on June 24, 2011
Dedicated to Auntie Affi

Grace & I

Last summer my mother and I rented a 15-person van, loaded it up with my 3 kids, my cousin+her 2 kids, my brother+friend, and 3 boxes of Mason Jars. Read More...


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Handcrafted in small batches and simply delightful. A traditional condiment somewhere between a savory chutney and a tangy relish, yet not quite. It is a unique experience, yet magically familiar. Traditionally, Turshi is used at... Read More>

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Seasonal Preserves

Seasonal Preserves made in small batches highlight the true essence of fruit. We only use seasonally-fresh fruit predominately grown in local organic farms and markets. Each one of these delightful preserves is made with unique... Read More>

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Fruit + Nut Presses

Truly a work of art, each fruit+nut press is delicately handcrafted with the precision of a devoted culinary Artisan. Similar to a fig loaf in concept, yet unique in creation and exquisite in taste, our presses are made with no flour, no added... Read More>

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Roasted Nuts and Granola

A pantry should never be without the culinary staples: nuts and granola! Our healthy blend granola is made with abundant portions of nuts, seeds, raisins and cranberries. Our roasted nuts are light and crunchy and simply delicious. Read More>

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Raw Vegetable Preserves

Organic raw vegetables bathed in a specialized sea-salt brine and infused with a unique blend of fresh aromatic herbs. Hand selected from local farms and markets in order to ensure the highest quality products. These vegetables can be... Read More>

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Gourmet Baskets

Our distinct Artisan touch is incorporated into our Gifting Selection as well. Each one of our gift boxes are custom made and unique. A few of our gift box design ideas are listed here, but we are excited to custom build your gift boxes according to your... Read More>